Q1.  What is universal obituary all about?
Answer Universal obituary is one of the first website dedicated for posting obituaries on internet. Universal obituary over comes all the disadvantages of the print media and give us the following benefits:-
  1.It is free of cost.
  2. It is an interactive site where all friends, relative, colleagues, classmates,social groupes can post massages and their feeling for thier loved ones.
  3. It sends timely reminder to all also well.
Q2. How can i post obituary on your site?
Answer Go to home page.
  Select post obituary.
  A page containing a form will appear in which you have to fill your details.
  Submit the form.
  Again a form will appear in which you have to fill the details of the person of whom you want to post the obituary.
  Selection of the frame, bouquet and the message is the most important aspect.
  Submit the form.
  Your loved once are with us for ever.